Betting on sports is very common these days. A lot of people bet on a variety of sports such as football, basketball, boxing, etc. If you like basketball and want to bet on this sport, then you must first learn about its betting rules.

This article will serve as a guide about all the common basketball betting rules that must know in order to bet and win a basketball match.

General rule

The primary source of information considered for betting settlement is obtained from the authorized governing body. Betufa is one of the trusted places to bet on sports, baccarat, and lotteries online.

  • The settlement of a bet is determined immediately after the conclusion of match.
  • If a match gets delayed or the venue changes that materially impact home advantage, then all bets are made void. However, if a match is carried forward, then the bet will stand.
  • If a match gets abandoned, then all bets are made void. An exception, in this case, is the bet where the market is unconditionally determined.
  • When a total tie or handicap occurs, and no selection of draw is made then bets are made void.

Types of bets offered on Basketball match

Match Result

In this type, your betting depends on the outcome of the match.

Handicap Betting

In this type, you bet on the basketball team will win after the selected “handicap scores” have been applied. In case of no draw selection and a handicap tie, bets are made void.

Total Points

In this type, you will bet on whether the total match score falls below or above the set number. In this case, overtime is taken into account.

Team Total Points

In this case, you bet on whether the total match score of the team goes above or above the set number. Overtime is taken into consideration.

Winning margin

You bet on the number of points the chosen basketball team will win. The margin of winning betting is made from scratch. Overtime isn’t taken into consideration for these markets, both pre-match and in-play.

Half Time Result

You bet on the outcome of the match at half time.

Full-time vs. Half-time

  • You will bet on the outcome of the match at full time and half time.
  • Overtime isn’t taken into consideration for Full-time or Half-time markets

First Half Money Line

Here you bet on the team that wins in the first half of the game duration. If the scores of the teams are equal and a tie occurs, then bets are classified as void.

Odd or Even Total Points

Here in this betting, you bet on whether the points scored by a specific team will be even or odd.

Player points

In this type of bet, you bet on the total points that are earned by a player in a match below or above the set number. A player has to be present in the court during the match for the bet to stand. Failing to play in the match, nullifies the bet. Overtime is counted in this case.


These are the basketball betting rules that every participant should know and follow during betting in a match.