Education and security are two pre-requisites for every child in his or her growing stage. Before enrolling their kids to a day care facility most of the parents see whether the institute is offering these features or not. Thus, to attract more parents to register at your educational institute, you can include daycare software. This application is a win-win proposal for both parents and educational authorities which in the long run help you to get larger market share. Furthermore, this software gives you an opportunity to design a customized platform so that you can easily meet the expected business needs.

What is the importance of online invoicing?

Customization feature

One of the best features of child care invoice form is that you get a chance to undertake the process of personalization and pick the rate of your choice. Online invoicing option also provides you an opportunity to pick between different rates which are based on daily or hourly attendance. You can even maintain occasional or monthly pickups of students from home and drop them back.

Cloning of invoices

In case you want to create an invoice for the next month, you can clone it with few initial clicks. Invoices can easily be designed after selecting the desired one and picking due date. This feature also allows you to generate invoices in bulk for the oncoming month.

Automated plans for invoices

This feature is innovative and helps you to curb pollution. Moreover, you do not even have to care about maintaining paperwork properly in your organization. Thus, you get to save enough working capital which can be utilized for promotional events. 

How digitized attendance process is beneficial for your organization?

Attendance of student by staff member

When you avail this software then you will also get free online attendance tracker which will provide you a great deal of aid in marking student absent if he or she is not present for the day. Moreover, you can even maintain proper check-in and out of student from daycare facility. This will help you to be transparent with your daily proceedings.

Attendance of students in the transport vehicle

The GUI feature of daycare application is easy to learn thus you can even ask drivers to operate them and take attendance of students who use facility of transportation. This way you can provide effective security to your students and it also provides you an upper hand in designing invoices on a monthly basis.

Marking of attendance by parents

When parents drop their kids at your day care premises then, they get a chance to get a self-service kiosk. Parents then require using pin numbers to check their children in. This process makes it more secure for the students and parents will also get assurance that their young ones are in the right hands.

This application will also assist you thoroughly in the marketing segment as you get a chance to increase the overall return of investment and improve the strategy of marketing. Thus, you can attract more and more parents to acquire your services.