The antidote to boredom today is blogs and most of all news blogs. While the websites give you a dry report of an affair, news blogs have a wonderful tendency to present a topic with a signature flair that piques our interest. Below are some of the coolest news blogs that you should totally check out to stay ahead of your colleagues.


This news blog has been dominating the online platform since 2006. Buzzfeed has successfully created a niche for itself in the internet news media category. Its news blog is one of the go-to destinations for the youth today for news and entertainment.

Tech Crunch

This news blog particularly focuses on news concerning the world of technology and tech business. Founded in 2005 by Michael Arrington, Tech Crunch is one of the top news portals in the online space. Head to this website if you want to brush-up on your tech-savvy side and to understand the current internet culture.

The New Yorker

The iconic American magazine operates its equally awesome news blog on the worldwide web. The New Yorker is a vibrant blog to read about the current affairs along with fiction and graphic representations of popular culture. Its mostly famous for its socially on-point and humorous cartoon panels.

Think Progress

According to this news website, founded by Judd Legum in 2005, ThinkProgress is a well-respected website in America solely commenting upon the politics of the international world. It’s applauded for its project called the Center for American Progress Action Fund which is a progressive public policy research and an advocacy organization.


This news blog was noted by Time magazine as one of the 25 best blogs in 2009. Mashable was founded by Pete Cashmere. It has won numerous international awards for its poignant portrayal of the current affairs and the internet culture. It has a large following in various social media websites.

The Next web

Another tech news blog on the forefronts of online media platforms, The Next Web is also known as TNW. This news blog showcases current affairs, tech news, conferences and events. It holds TNW conferences and events to showcase up and coming technological advances from around the world.

Business Insider

For all things financial, head to this news blog. Business Insider is a widely-known American financial and business website which has international editions as well. It has appeared in Time’s best 25 financial news blogs.

The Wrap

Sharon Waxman helmed this entertainment news blog in 2009 along with Howard Schulz. It prides itself for investigative and breaking-news stories as well as authoritative analysis. It’s the go-to blog for high-profile and data-driven news as well as for all things Hollywood.

Stick to these websites and I assure you to get quality content for a productive expenditure of your time. News blogs are many but these few are the ones who run it right. So the next time you find yourself staring at the walls or getting bored of the endless news feeds of your social media account head to these news blogs to have a productive day.