Despite gambling and all kinds of betting and wagering being illegal in Malaysia, online sports betting is quite popular. A survey has it that approximately 1.2 million US dollars are annually wagered on online sports with ninety per cent of the total amount wagered on football.

Sports betting in Malaysia is illegal, and whichever law you are subjected to, the penalties are quite severe.

However, there still are several online casinos in Malaysia that are bold enough to risk prosecution. It is difficult to tell whether these casinos survive because they are not of Malaysian origin or because the laws don’t define the legality of online casinos well enough.

Below are the few famous Online Casino Malaysia

#1. Bodog88

This betting site targets Asian bettors. It gives you the option of choosing from three different languages when placing a bet. These languages are English and two Chinese dialects.

It also has a diverse choice for currencies and deposits.

#2. 22bet

The site is still new to the market, but again, it provides a wide range of top sports from Europe, Britain and North America like football, tennis, basketball, baseball, and hockey.

It has live betting and is a hotspot for gamblers.

#3. Betway

This sports betting offers another live betting, which has become the rage for most gamblers. Through your mobile platform, you can bet on your favorite sporting event or game when they are in progress. Besides being a live betting and allowing an on-the-go betting option, Betway offers bonuses for specific sports bets. It is also available in a variety of languages. This online casino highly competes with cmd368, which is a favorite of many Asian countries.

#4. Spin Palace Sports

Previously a casino, the Spin Palace Sports, has created their sportsbook giving gamblers more betting options. They also have live betting and offer bonuses plus a variety of sporting events and games, including Formula 1.

#5. Sport Betting

This is another sportsbook not to be missed. It provides live wagering and has several sports to bet on. Coming from the family of, this betting site is a bettors treasure house.

#6. BetOnline

This sporting website is the best there is in the business. Its reputation speaks for itself with excellent reviews from former bettors and a track record that will wow professional gamblers.

They have a killer welcome bonus that draws in bettors. Betonline also has an offer for referring a friend, which, combined with its quick payouts, makes them the most outstanding betting websites in the market.

#7. Pinnacle Sports

Pinnacle is also another high ranking online casino offering various options on wagering. It is easy to use both on desktop and mobile platforms.

#8. W88 Malaysia

Though it just recently entered into the gaming industry, it came with a bang. It is young but not a small player that offers so many choices that are comparable to the more prominent players. W88 supports seven Asian languages and is growing fast. Apart from sports betting, it also has many other games with some customized to suit the Asian community.

Online Casinos are here to stay. As much as the Malaysian government may try to stem out gambling, they are probably fighting a losing battle.