Windsocks are used all over the world for many reasons and you might find that you see them flying about in many different locations. Windsocks are a great way of analysing the wind allowing people to figure out the speed and the direction of it. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the many uses of windsocks so keep reading if you’d like to find out more.


One of the main uses for windsocks has to be in airports and other aviation buildings that need to know the direction and strength of the wind. When you visit an airport, you’ll see the windsock flying high and you should know that the team there are using this information to manage how they move the planes about. Great companies like Windsocks Direct provide these sorts of windsocks and poles to help the aviation teams do their job.

Oil and Gas Industry

Many factories all over the world use dangerous chemicals every day and if the wind were to blow too hard in a certain direction, a serious issue could arise. This is why these sorts of plants use windsocks in order to keep their staff safe and ensure that chemicals stay where they are supposed to be. Workers will often take a look at the windsock before opening up a secure facility and from there they can decide if the wind is too strong for the task that they are about to perform.

Crop Dusting

One of the more unusual but very important uses for windsocks is in aerial crop dusting. When aircrafts are spreading the crop treatment they need it to go on the right crops. When the wind is strong, this can affect the distribution of the treatment. This is why windsocks are used to allow teams to figure out when is the best time to perform this task. Crops can be dusted accurately, and they will grow better in the future.


In some countries, windsocks are actually used in prisons when it comes to controlling the prisons using crowd control chemicals. When this is being done, it is very important that the chemicals only affect the right people and that the crowd is controlled safely. A windsock allows the prison officials to choose when the right time to use these sorts of chemicals is.

Final Thoughts

Windsocks are actually used in a lot more places than you’d think, and they can be very useful. Not only do people use windsocks for important purposes but they can also be used for decoration. You’ll find windsocks at festivals and in the parking lot of many car dealers. Windsocks come in many colours and sizes and they can even be customised to have the logo of your company on them. Make sure to find out more about how a windsock could help you out in your industry. Once you’ve got one in place, you’ll be able to get accurate information about the wind in real time.