The hardest part of getting a divorce is to understand who will take custody of children. Also, it is necessary to determine when who will take custody of the child. Apart from that, you also need to check whether it will be sole custody of shared custody between the parents. Different factors, however, affect the custody of a child and also the type. 

Type of custody

One of the essential things to note is what type of custody you will be getting. There are usually two types of custody: legal and physical. Each of it has a prominent significance. 

According to legal custody, the parent will have all the information about the child and will take decisions on behalf of them. Moreover, they will also be able to access the private information of the kids. According to physical custody, the parent will act as a responsible person in the child’s life. Moreover, they will also have the child to live with them.

Taking the custody of a child should be having an impact on the legal and physical custody right. North these types of rights are shared and sole. 


In the case of shared custodial arrangement for legal custody, both parents will have equal rights on the child. Neither of the parents will have any right to take any decision on behalf of the child, which may affect health and education. Moreover, each parent will have an equal say. 

In the case of a shared custodial arrangement for physical custody, it becomes difficult to divide the rights equally. In this case, one parent may get to spend more while the other may not. The other essential thing to note is that both parents get to share. The parent who gets to spend more time with the child is known as the primary custodial parent. 

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