Best Thriller movies every year are being released in the Telugu industry for movie lovers. The movie lovers do not miss thriller movies whenever released due to interest and enthusiasm for watching it. There are many films acted by many actors released every year. Each film has its own story and a screenplay that is liked by the audience. The audiences do not miss genres like action, comedy, thrillers, and romantic films released because they see the movie with their family members. The super hit thriller movies are rescreened in online platforms. The online websites are nowadays telecast a lot of Telugu thriller movies for the audience. You can watch in aha videos a variety of thriller movies.

The movie lovers are wholly interested in watching online films due to cost affordable and flexible features. There are many other languages films are being dubbed from other words and released in Telugu industry. The Telugu movie lovers do not miss any language films that are superhit. The fans of these movies are huge, and the fan base is increasing every year. The producers belonging to the present era are interested in making thriller movies with famous actors so that they get the audience to the theaters. The legendary heroes who need a super hit would never miss thriller stories written by famous writers.

Run (Navdeep) (2020) is a superhit Telugu movie that ran well at the box office. The story of the film makes the audience nail-biting, and that too, the first hour is very thrilling to watch. The story moves well and makes the audience sit at the edge of the seat to know the happening further. Each scene triggers the curiosity of the spectators. The Phsychothriller’s story revolves around a loving couple with a lot of twists till the end. The climax of the film is not imaginable, and it is purely a treat to thriller devoted audience without fail.

KanuluKanuluDochayante is a Telugu thriller movie. The movie had a good run at the box office. The story of the film is based on four people viz two gents and two ladies. The four people are stealers, and they do it in a high tech way. The stories of gents are not known to ladies and vice versa. At one point in time, the details about the ladies are known to boys with the help of a policeman. The ladies also come to know about the boys. The story has a lot of twists and surprises to the audience who watch. The nail-biting finish climax would be a treat to all.

Evaru is a famous Telugu film released in the year2019. This film story is based on a criminal case being detected by an inspector. Due to a high officer alleged death, the inspector interrogates the case. However, the situation is not expected as per the inspector, and it had several twists and suspended for his vision. The story makes the audience feel very thrilled and nail-biting. Indeed, the climax of the film is an incredible and fantastic finish. The ever second twists and new happenings when an inspector investigates the case are hair rising

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