If you have a business, you most likely have a vision of what you want it to become in the next few years or even decades of its existence. If you have a particular vision or goal in mind, chances are you also need to hire the right people for the job. However, choosing the right employees for work isn’t an exact science, and there are a lot of factors involved, especially since there’s been an influx of talent in various industries.

In fact, according to 24/7 Wall St. statistics, jobs in the healthcare and engineering industry, roles related to analysis, and work in the creative fields have been booming in recent years. Regardless of your industry, chances are people will be flocking on your doorstep when you announce a job opening. So what exactly are the qualities to look for in the right employee?

  • Communication skills. Your employee might be impressive when it comes to their curriculum vitae, but they must also be able to talk with you and communicate clearly with you not just verbally, but non-verbally as well. An employee who can communicate with you easily during the application process can be a good sign of an employee who isn’t just a “yes man,” but rather someone with whom you can really engage.
  • Conversation and small talk. Speaking of communication skills, small talk is a good way to gauge a person’s attitude outside professional environments. During breaks in interviews and dead-airs between questions, try to engage the applicant with a bit of small talk to see how they engage with you on the spot. An employee who wants to express only their work concerns and an employee who wants to express themselves as a person are very different. Their methods of small talk can often telegraph how they will interact with their colleagues.
  • Flexibility and adaptability. Today’s work environment is rife with challenges, and one of the biggest obstacles for any company is to make sure everyone is able to adapt to the various changes in a competitive industry. How is your employee when it comes to pressure? How will he or she compose themselves when there’s a lot of things happening all at once?
  • Learning skills. Not everyone enters the company with a grasp on what they can provide. Some employees can easily pick up new skills and work with new technology, while it’s harder for other employees to do the same. How open is your applicant to learning, and how receptive is he or she to changes in skills and workflow? How trainable are your employees in general?


Finding the Right Person for Your Company

Remember, there’s no such thing as a perfect employee, but you can make the right call to get the right employee into your company. Regardless of how pretty a resume is, or how striking an impression the applicant gives, there’s no telling just how he or she will perform when you accept him or her in your company. The application process has always been a crucial step in determining an employee’s growth in your workplace. Click here if you’re in need of additional information on the legal aspects of hiring.