Sunglasses are the most important and significant fashion accessory you can ever have. No matter how bad your day has been and how unkempt you look, a decent pair of sunglasses can transform your outfit of the day in a matter of seconds and save your day no matter what the shape, style, frame or colour is. This tiny but significant fashion accessory can also enhance your coolness quotient just like that-be it a bad hair day or just one of those days when you feel bloated, your trustworthy fashion accessory will always have your back. Of course, if the fact that sunglasses, as a fashion accessory, are indispensable, is not enough for you, then these reasons are a proof why you should always keep a pair of sunglasses ready at hand.

These are only some of the reasons as to why you should keep your shades nearby. If you already don’t own the perfect pair of designer shades, you should get one as soon as you can. For more information and exclusive coupon codes to make your shopping experience even better visit

  1. To enhance your sexiness: You do not even need a reason to keep a pair of sunglasses on your head. Sunglasses are a style statement. Invest in really great designer shades which will transform a simple dress into a sexy outfit.
  1. Save yourself from the UV rays: While sunscreens do a lot to save us from the harmful glare of the ultraviolet rays there is little they can do to protect our eyes. People often choose to forgo sunglasses because they are afraid of the metaphorical “panda eyes”. Since sunglasses prevent the area around the eyes from getting tanned while the rest of the face gets scorched and tanned in the sun. Without the protection provided by the sunglasses, the ultraviolet rays will not only harm the eyes but will also cause the area around the eyes to wrinkle, thereby giving you the much-dreaded crow’s foot. That is not all. Extended exposure to sun rays can also cause glaucoma and cataract. Ultraviolet rays have been shown to not only worsen the symptoms of glaucoma they have also lead to complete blindness in some instances. If the reasons weren’t convincing enough exposure to sun rays, have also been proved to cause macular degeneration.
  1. Acing the no-makeup look: We all have one of those days when we are too late even to put on a touch of kajal or eyeliner. On those dreadful days, you can always trust your sunglasses to save your day. There is something so inherently cool about sunglasses that even a bare face looks glamorous.
  1. Save you from all the glare: Sometimes staring at the screen for too long may cause terrible headaches. In such a scenario your only weapon against a headache-inducing screen glare is your trustworthy sunglasses.
  1. Bad hair day to casual chic: We have all had one of those days when we don’t have any concept what to do with our hair. Even the bun fails at times, and there are in a lot of clueless strays and fly-aways. Of course, you could use a hand band, but that wouldn’t be as cool. Simply put your sunglasses on your head, and it will miraculously take care of even the worst hair days, and make you look so effortlessly cool and casually chic.
  1. Hide away the dark circles with a touch of luxury: Dark circles are so frustrating and so hard to deal with- be it a bad hangover or simply a long night dark circles are a menace. While the remedies do work, they simply take too long and in the interim period all you need to do is put on your trendiest pair of shades.
  1. Plain old convenience: Shades are one of those things we always keep at hand yet don’t know where to keep them once we are done using them. Of course, keeping a pair of shades on your head is the coolest thing ever, and it will even enhance your sexiness quotient. However, it is undeniable that we often keep sunglasses on the head because it is merely convenient. Keeping the sunglasses on the head not only keeps us aware of its location but also prevents us from losing it.