There’s nothing more exciting than your daughter receiving her first pair of earrings. But when’s the right time?

No one is sure how old their daughter should be when she gets her first pair of earrings. It isn’t a big deal to pierce your daughter’s ears while she’s still a toddler.

With this guide, you’ll learn all there is about your daughter’s first earrings.

When Should She Pierce Them?

The first step to knowing when your daughter is reading to get her ears pierced is when she tells you. Children are more sensitive to ear piercings because they think it might hurt them.

But if she sees that all her friends have their ears pierced, it might entice her into getting hers done. Don’t be afraid to talk about it with your daughter, ear piercings are a big step for kids.

But there’s no set age for when a child can get their ears pierced by a professional.

One of the perks of getting your newborns or young baby’s ears pierced is that they won’t touch the piercing. Infants aren’t old enough to know they’re in pain, so they won’t understand that their ear is supposed to hurt.

Infants are also less likely to tug on their earrings, so they won’t expose their pierced ear to bacteria. If your daughter gets her ears pierced later in life, she’s more likely to feel it.

Make sure your daughter understands that it isn’t excruciatingly painful. And maybe keep some candy on hand.

Ask Your Family Doctor

Your safest bet is to speak to your doctor before getting your daughter’s ears pierced. And make sure she’s with you, too.

Some doctors recommend waiting until your child is at least three months old to pierce their ears. Infants younger who are younger than three months old have to go to the hospital to get their ears pierced.

This is a precaution in case your child ends up contracting an infection and fever from the ear piercing.

Which Metal Is Best When Choosing Her First Earrings?

Posts and earrings containing surgical stainless steel are a good choice. Surgical stainless steel doesn’t include nickel or alloys.

It’s common for children to experience allergy symptoms toward cobalt or nickel. So it’s best not to choose those for your daughter’s first earrings. Some kids might show sensitivities to white gold, too.

Other safe options for first earrings include:

  • Platinum
  • Titanium
  • 14k Gold

When choosing children’s jewelry, ask which metal the piece contains. If you’re having trouble, explain to the clerk you’re avoiding certain metals.

Silver is another type of metal that’s hypoallergenic. You can find a pair of sterling silver earrings at:

Your Daughter’s First Earrings

Choosing your daughter’s first is a great gift idea for her birthday or holiday. But consider the risk factors before buying her a pair.

Know the signs and symptoms of infection. Make sure to avoid metals containing nickel and cobalt. Educate your daughter about ear piercings and let her know she shouldn’t be afraid.

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