Rummy has always been a popular card game among people. It is engaging and challenging, but also fun and exciting at the same time! In addition to being a recreational game, rummy gives you the chance to make money. This is one of its biggest USPs of the game, which keeps attracting more and more players to the game.

Nowadays, you can find a number of rummy game download options available in the online gaming scene. These apps have the option of ‘cash rummy’ for players who want to deal with real money instead of virtual money like chips. However, in order to make sure that you make the most of the cash rummy feature on the apps, you need to pay attention to the following pointers.

Things to keep in mind while playing cash rummy

  • Do not forget to build a solid foundation

A solid foundation for all your cash rummy adventures would be making sure that you have got the basics covered. Make sure to know all the rules of the game properly. Practice regularly and form new and better strategies. Pay attention to your mistakes and work on correcting them. Following these steps would ensure that you have a far lesser chance of losing money to your opponents.

  • Observe and memorize

Another important thing to keep in mind while playing cash rummy is to keep a sharp eye on the moves of the opponents. Try and analyze their moves, and be alert of their bluffs. Memorize the cards which they discard and pick from the open deck. This will help you to have an idea about the sets and sequences they are aiming for. Consequently, you can plan which cards to discard and which cards do not.

  • Bluff your opponents by discarding low-value cards.

Usually, you should discard all your high-value cards like the face cards and aces, to make sure that you do not have the deadwood of these cards. However, sometimes, you can bluff your opponents by discarding your low-value or number cards. This will confuse and stress them. They might think you are about to show your hand anytime soon, and start discarding cards which might be important to you. Later on, you can discard your high-value cards as well.

  • Remember to make use of the different rewards and bonuses

When you play cash rummy and make your first deposit, a few rummy apps will automatically enroll you in different rewards and bonus schemes. For instance, if a friend uses a particular app using the link you sent them, you might win a Refer a Friend Bonus and earn a cash prize up to Rs.5000. Likewise, you can also earn different bonuses by climbing up the different tiers or levels of the game. Make sure to use these features to their maximum potential.


Cash rummy games are so much more fun, mostly because you have the opportunity to earn cash. However, it is important that you keep in mind the above-mentioned pointers so that you have an amazing experience while playing cash rummy.