Frankfurt is a city in central Germany on the river Main. This city is not only a major financial hub; it is also famous for being the birthplace of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, one of the famous writers whose home is now the Goethe House Museum. The Frankfurt am Main populates more than 700,000 people which makes it the fifth most populated city in Germany.

Nicknamed “Mainhattan”, Frankfurt has a lot of skyscrapers and bridges along the Main river making it so beautiful and attractive for tourists. Whether you are a professional photographer or just visiting Germany for work or travel, you will enjoy the view of the Frankfurt skyline.

For many years many tourists from around the world have been coming to enjoy the skyline of Frankfurt and visiting the places like Frankfurt Zoo, Trade Fair Centre, Town Gate, etc. Below are some of the best places to enjoy the skyline of Frankfurt.

  1. Citybeach restaurant

One of the options you can choose when looking for a spot to enjoy the skyline is the Citybeach, a Frankfurt’s beach club in Töngesgasse 8. You can have a coffee or cold drink while enjoying the view. The skyline of Frankfurt looks amazing from the rooftop of a parking deck in downtown of the city.

  1. Zeil Gallerie and Galeria Kaufhof

Galeria Kaufhof has a restaurant on the rooftop of the building. With its outside location, you can go there and relax while enjoying the gorgeous view of the skyline of Frankfurt. You can also go to the top of the Zeil Gallerie, which is right next to Kaufhof.

  1. Main Tower

The Main Tower is the best place to get the perfect view of the skyline of Frankfurt. You might need to pay a few euros (about 5), however the view and experience are guaranteed to be worth every cent. Even though the Main Tower might seem expensive, you will see the best parts of the city and take the fantastic photos. You will see almost all neighborhoods, the Taunus mountains, the IG Farben building, etc. from the top of the Main Tower.

  1. Main river bridges

With countless bridges over the river Main, they are the favorite places where you can enjoy the view of the skyline of Frankfurt without spending any money. You can walk along any of the bridges: the Eiserner Steg (“Iron bridge”), the Alte Brücke (“Old bridge”), the Holbeinsteg (only for pedestrians), the Flösserbrücke, and the Osthafenbrücke (the newest one).

  1. Walk from Schweizer Platz to the North

Another way to enjoy a great view of the skyline of Frankfurt is to take a stroll from Schweizer Platz northwards to the Eiserner Steg. This route will also let you take great pictures of other attraction in the city, which you will pass by.

With the city growing day by day, skyline of Frankfurt is a very popular attraction you have to see. There are also several companies that offer tour packages around major attractions in the city with short trips of up to 2 hours long. You can also get a car rental in Frankfurt from any of the car rental company and enjoy the skyline of Frankfurt at your own pace.