When it comes to finding work, you more or less may want to experience a lot of things. After all, if you envision a trajectory for your career, you more or less want to have a solid plan and good work that you will enjoy for a long time. Unfortunately, finding the right fit for you might be difficult considering the number of jobs out there and the competition you might face.

According to US News Money, top industries of 2018 include health care professionals, software developers, and people in the creative industry. Regardless of your chosen profession, however, choosing a job that fits your projected career can be an extremely important part of your growth as an individual.

Before You Sign Anything…

If you’re excited to get a job, and if you’ve gotten through a few interviews, you are that much closer to being fully employed. Before you actually sign that contract, though, make sure the contract is agreeable to you, as well as fair and correctly written.

Remember, if you do get that prospective job offer, the moment before signing the contract can be the most crucial bit in your whole job search. Don’t haphazardly sign any document. Instead, think about these questions you should ask employers before signing that contract:

  • What about the arrangements? Try to clarify as early as possible the kind of arrangement you’ll have with your employer. Are you supposed to go to the office? What time are you supposed to be there? What are you supposed to wear? Are you required to work on weekends? Are you allowed to work from home? Clarifying these things as early as possible allows you to setup a proper working schedule and fix your pending appointments should there be a need to.
  • What about wages and overtime? Make sure you clarify the terms and conditions in your contract, especially in terms of wages. Try to make sure the wage you see in the contract is the actual wage you’re going to earn, or if there is any other stuff you have to pay for.      
  • What about advancement and learning opportunities? Before you sign up to join a company, it’s important to check whether or not you’re staying in this for the long term. Sometimes, you may feel unmotivated to go to work because you think your current job is only good enough for “just getting by.”. if you want your current workplace to be a place where you can develop a career, then consider asking what sort of advancement and learning opportunities you have with them. Do you have chances to advance to a managerial position? Do you have opportunities to explore other departments and learn from them?
  • What about safety and health? Sometimes things like health and safety aren’t discussed enough in workplaces, but regardless of whether or not you have special medical conditions, it’s important to be aware of what risks you’re getting into, especially in fields like construction, and what measures the company has to protect you. Do you have protocols in place? Do you have adequate equipment to ensure your safety?

Exercise Caution

When it comes to finding the perfect workplace for you, you might have a lot of “conditions” for your dream employer. When you find that one job that “fits” perfectly, don’t immediately sign your work life away to them. Remember what you should ask employers before signing that contract… before fully obligating yourself to something. Click here if you want to learn more.