Choosing what you intend to wear on hiking in the mountains has been deemed essential for your overall health and comfort needs. You should be choosing clothes that should be able to protect you from various elements of the nature, breathable, and dry-fit. You would also be required to layer your clothing for keeping your body warm and comfortable in adverse weather conditions. Instead of a few thick layers, you should choose various lighter layers. It should be inclusive of:

  • a base layer
  • insulating layer
  • thermal layer, and
  • outer layer

The layers should be suitable to the overall environment along with the prevalent temperature when looking forward to hiking in the mountains.

What kind of material to look for?

The material of clothing you intend to carry should also be deemed of great importance. The base and mid-layer should be made of lightweight material such as polypropylene or polyester. The manmade fibers have been deemed largely breathable and steer away the perspiration from the skin. It would be moved into the outer layers of the clothing, whereby keeping you comfortable and dry at all times. The micro-fleece would be the most suitable thermal layer for your warmth and comfort needs. The outer layers should be more breathable along with wind and water resistant.

Other accessories to consider

You should rest assured that wind chill could drain energy from your body severely. Consequently, the body would start to work more in order to keep warm. Similarly, in event of heavy rain, it would be worth carrying rain jacket and trouser. These have been specifically designed for keeping the rain out without the need to cause overheating of the body.

Lastly, you should consider wearing two pair of socks, thin polyester under a thick layer of hiking sock. It would help you prevent blisters and sores. You could wear a hat and sunglasses during summers to keep you cool and cozy.