Save the date cards are used most often when a person wants to have a destination wedding. These cards are designed so that the guests are able to plan ahead and that helps the couple get a better turn out for their wedding.

Save the date cards do not have a hard and fast rule as to when it should be mailed to the guests. The thumb rule, in this case, is that it usually is mailed around 4 to 6 months before the wedding so that the guests can plan and mark the date as well ensure that they free up their schedule so as to be a part of the wedding.


  1. the theme of the save the date cards getting from DreamDay Invitations would be in line with the theme of the wedding
  2. The wording of the save the date card would usually match the theme of the wedding or the tone of voice of the couple
  3. some couples instead of mailing a card would want to do something different, and thus they usually get more creative and used fridge magnets or photo cards or postcards instead of normal cards.
  4. The save the date card should have certain information which includes the name of the couple, the location of the event and the date of the wedding.
  5. It is not mandatory, but some couples also may choose to include travel information if it is a destination wedding so that the guests can plan accordingly.

These save the date cards are getting to be more popular as the days go by as each couple wants their wedding to be remembered for many a day by their guests – family and friends alike and so they resort to different means to ensure this sticks in mind.