The thing about crowdfunding is that the success if your campaign depends as much on your efforts in making it an appealing one, as it does on the idea you’re crowdfunding for. It is possible that even the greatest products or the noblest nonprofits don’t end up raising their target amount. An interesting statistic revealed that crowdfunding campaigns with videos raise four times more funds than those that don’t use videos. So this article is going to discuss why and how you absolutely should use photographs and videos in your campaign to effectively raise funds for a cause.

Ask yourself the question – are you more likely to read six paragraphs of text when you have the option to get the same information by watching a two-minute video? The thing about the human psyche is that we are always drawn towards a humanistic touch. When you write a campaign story, you need to ensure that the audience it is targeted at, are able to relate to it – and that’s a given. But to really capture the essence of your cause, donors need to see it to connect to it. Visuals are a great tool to grab attention and maintain it. Hence, with any online fundraising campaign, you must make photos and videos your best friend. It adds the emotional appeal to it, and emotions are the element that evokes a sense of philanthropy. Remember, not everyone is going to scrolling to read a lot of text.

The challenge begins with capturing the donor’s attention from the very first moment a page is opened. If your page lacks visual appeal, no one is actually going to stop to see what you have to say. One of the main reasons that people don’t exploit the power of audio-visuals is because it may seem like a lot of work and investment is needed for it. But that is far from true. The digital revolution and the social media world has opened so many opportunities to get creative with audio-visuals – be it photos, videos, GIF’s, or even live recording, which needs little to no preparation. All you really need is a smart phone.

So we at Impact Guru have put together some practical tips to help the fast-growing crowdfunding India, maximize their resources to create an effective crowdfunding campaign:

  • Take advantage of the audio-visual-text combination
  • Ensure all your images have your logo on it, for branding purposes
  • Use enticing captions to evoke emotions, and don’t be afraid to use a campaign specific hashtags on your photos and videos
  • Use high resolution images
  • There are great image and GIF editing options apps you need to get
  • Post behind-the-scenes pictures and short clips to add a human touch

Photos and videos are a crucial part of your communication strategy. Especially in a crowdfunding India where more and more people are getting comfortable with smartphones and social media, use your creativity to make your campaign stand out. Crowdfunding India platforms like Impact Guru, make it very easy to create effective and free fundraising campaigns on their website.