Kota Lama or the Old City perhaps is the most iconic tourist area in Semarang City. It is because tourists can find lots of historical buildings for them to research. Well, not many people are conscious of the presence of Srigunting Park, though. It resides in Tanjung Mas Village and belongs to Semarang Utara Sub-District. Like any other landmarks situated in Kota Lama, the playground has been there since the reign of the Dutch. In the past, it was utilized as a parade platform by both government and citizens. Nevertheless, nowadays, it turns into a gathering place for tourist communities and neighboring residents!

Once arriving at Srigunting Park, a clean and serene nuance welcomes everyone. The best part is the park is located close to the famous building such as Blenduk Chruch, Kerta Niaga, Jiwasraya, and Marba Building. Like any other parks, tourists might find plants, trees, benches, along with other familiar objects such as the outdoor lightings. Another recognizable feature is the presence of 4 entrances based on the whole corners of the playground. This explains why people may access the site from everywhere, no matter where they come from.

As being a brand new favorite vacation spot in Semarang City, Srigunting Park keeps attracting more people, either the natives or those coming from cities. Visitors don’t even need to do anything! They might only sit in the park and relish the nuance. In this instance, they ought to choose the right time to come to the park. For example, it’s early in the morning when the air is the best. The clean air and ambiance might soothe them instantly! As for an alternative, coming to the playground in the mid-day is also advised. At that time, many locals come to the playground to get relaxing and hanging out with buddies. The nuance is merrier at that time.

Apart from relaxation, a lot of people come to Srigunting Park to conduct photography. It is more than just taking selfies, but they may take images of the nearby building, especially the famous Blenduk Church. Here is the trick. Everybody should come when local communities conduct a gathering in the park. At that time, the air is the best as tourists can meet various people with hobbies. Somehow, it gives them a much better chance to take more interesting pictures.

For those coming in the mid-day, they might see many food vendors selling their merchandise close to the playground. The price is inexpensive, and the taste is identifying. Therefore, make sure to take enough cash to try them all!

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