Spotify is bustling with the latest tracks and albums of our favorite artists. However, you will need a seamless internet connection to enjoy Spotify numbers. But, what if you want to save the music in your hard drive and catch up with them offline? Well, in that case, you have to record and convert the Spotify file into MP3. How to do that? No, you won’t need any advanced computing skills for the conversion. Movavi Screen Recorder will convert Spotify to MP3 for you easily.

Here is a brief on how you can convert your favorite Spotify numbers into MP3 with Movavi Screen Recorder.

Download and install

The first thing is to download and install Movavi Screen Recorder in your system.

Set up Spotify Recorder

Go to the page which contains your chosen Spotify audio track. Now, open Movavi screen video & audio recorder. Click on your screen to open up recording panel. The System Audio symbol should be glowing green. Finally, click on REC.

Record Spotify Audio

After you click on REC tab, play the Spotify track. As the number ends, quickly click on Stop to end the recording session. The moment the recording is stopped, the audio file will automatically open up in preview window.

Save recorded audio

As you are on preview window, click on Save As. It will help to save your recording before you convert it into MP3. Now, go to export window and choose MP3. Finally, click on Save to save the converted audio track. Yes, it is this simple and will take just a  few minutes to process the whole thing.

Important features of Movavi Screen Recorder

  • Records both online videos and audios

Movavi Screen Recorder is not just about recording online audio tracks. It can also capture online streaming videos for you so that you can watch them even when you are offline.

  • Grabs audio from various devices

The Movavi program is able to capture audio from both speaker and microphone. It means you can add your voice narration with the captured video.

  • Helps with editing

Movavi Screen Recorder is even equipped to cut out the unwanted parts from your recorded video. At times, online videos come with pesky ads. But thanks to the Movavi program you can easily remove them from your recorded video.

  • Lightning-fast conversion

Movavi Screen Recorder can convert your recorded audio or video in a jiffy and that too without any compromise on the quality of video or audio.

  • Converts recorded files into popular formats

Movavi Screen Recorder supports all popular video and audio formats. Thus, you can use it to convert your recorded file into any format.

Useful tips for users

If you want to share the recorded video or audio for mobile viewing, choose a mobile-friendly format during conversion.