These days, you can find various product reviews on TV or internet, but can you really believe them? Most of these reviews are for the marketing promotion of any product. The same applies when you find various reviews about steroids online. Can you really identify whether the review is genuine or it is simply a marketing promotional campaign? You may be amazed to find the claims made by such reviews.

Review about steroids

Can you really find any genuine reviews of steroids online? Certainly not, as most of the reviews that you find online are anything but marketing promotion of that product. These manufacturers pay a large sum of money to various reviewers to write positive review about their product without really knowing anything about it. Not only just the manufacturer but many dealers also pay people to write positive review about various steroids so that they can increase their sales.

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Therefore, if you are really interested to read genuine review about these steroids then read the reviews that are written by actual users. You will find following information in their reviews, which will ensure that the writer is a genuine user.

  • Reviewer will mention why he used this particular steroid – whether to build muscle or reducing fat or increasing libido or for the treatment of any medical problem.
  • Reviewer will also mention the exact brand name and generic name of the steroid.
  • He will also mention the potency of the drug used and the dose he has taken for a particular duration.
  • If he mentions about his age too then it will give much better picture of the product. For instance, if an older person writes about his experience of testosterone then readers will know how such steroids can work at older age. A younger person will not notice much effect of taking testosterone.

How to identify fake review

Fake reviews are not just related about steroids, but it can be there for any other products too. If the review contains following claims, which are totally unbelievable then you can be sure that it is fake. You may find following info on fake steroid reviews

  • Claiming improvement of muscles without doing any exercise.
  • Claiming unbelievable reduction in weight with before and after pictures
  • Claiming 3 pounds of muscle gain within couple of weeks

Hope this will help you to identify actual review from a fake one.