Men who are suffering from the production of testosterone at lower levels will usually be prescribed to take it from external sources. These people will suffer from detrimental effects on the overall health, if their body is not provided with enough amounts of testosterone hormone from external sources.

Doctors usually do not prescribe any injections to people, especially those who are suffering from lower T level in their body. However, testosterone injections that are available in the market today have made them change their mind about the concept of not prescribing testosterone injection because of their wonderful benefits.

Physicians usually prescribe testosterone injections for muscle building, maintenance of lean muscular mass for longer years, performance enhancement, etc, in bodybuilders and athletes and other such sportspersons and gym goers.

Benefits of Taking Testosterone Injections

Testosterone hormone is actually produced in the testicles of men. Testes glands is actually the other name with which testicles are referred to and every action that takes place inside these glands will be controlled by the pituitary gland in brain. Every secretion in the sexual organs of humans will be controlled and taken care of by the pituitary gland.

When hypothalamus gland, which is present deep within the brain mass, signals pituitary gland to synthesize the production of testosterone in testicles, pituitary gland signals testes to produce enough amount of the hormone. The dysfunction in the testes organ in men results in irregular production of testosterone hormone, which will not be enough for normal functioning of sexual body parts. This is when synthetically produced testosterone hormone comes into picture.

Causes for Lower Production of Testosterone Hormone

One of the many causes for the defective production of testosterone hormone in men is because of the kidney disease. The other such issues may include the development of cancerous tumor in the adrenal glands, testicular cancer, Klinefelter syndrome and Down’s syndrome, liver cirrhosis, alcoholic addiction, and so on.

Side Effects of Taking Testosterone Injections in Men

The side effects of taking testosterone injections usually vary from mild range to transitory level and even for severe level at prolonged stages. If necessary steps are not taken for time being, then there are higher chances of the person suffering from life-threatening issues.

Side effects of taking testosterone injections usually begin with the person experiencing changes in the mental and physical status. You should get your dear ones checked, if you notice any abrupt behavior in them.