If you have recently upgraded your house with wooden floors then keep in mind that maintaining the same is equally important otherwise, it may turn out to be a costly affair. While cleaning the wooden floors with water, never saturate it. Water needs to be only used sparingly fir finished wooden floors. You are advised to avoid it when you clean the wooden floors that are unfinished. No doubt that wide in today’s time has become a trending part of modern lifestyle. But when it comes to refurbishing your lovely house with natural wood, the most important thing that needs to be considered is whether you are taking a good care of it or not.

While you look out for the best of the way on how to clean the wooden floors, understand that wooden floors are categorized into two ways. Let us learn the best of things that can be followed for the finished and unfinished woods.

Cleaning Wooden Floors that are finished

There are often the floors that are well finished even before you install them. That is why, sometimes, the floor broads that are installed at your home might be well sealed because of which the unsealed cracks between the floorboards may not be that immune to water. So make sure your wooden floors are well coated with stain and water resistant such as polyacrylic and Urethane. This would make it easy for your wooden floors to be cleaned. When you use soap with water may sure you are wringing the mop well enough so that oversaturation is avoided in the best possible manner.

Cleaning Wooden Floors that are Unfinished

At times, people do install the lightly finished or even the unfinished hardwood floors. This floor could either be the matte instead of being glossy. There are so many wooden floors in today’s time that are unfinished which makes it important for you to know that they need to be cleaned. For this, water is not the right option since the liquid tends to get soaked up in the wood. Instead, you can treat the scratches and dirt easily with the help of floor wax. The use of steel wool ball is also the right option to rub the floor

Now that these tips are right in front of you, decide on which option to choose. Since these two tricks can help you maintain your wooden floors for quite a long time.