It’s the time of the year again to pick out the perfect gift, and there are plenty of gifts for the handyman in your life. These gifts for a handyman come in a variety of price points, and there are different options no matter how your man likes to spend his DIY time.

Big Green Egg: This grill not only offers a unique green color, making it look great in the backyard, but it functions as both a grill and smoker so your handyman can cook anything he wants. As a grill, it heats up to 750 degrees in order to make steak, seafood, and burgers, and it can be used as a pizza oven. As a smoker, it adds a great wood smoke flavor to meat and can even slow cook it for 18 hours.

Weber Grills: Weber grills are available in charcoal, electric, gas, and portable options, and these grills are known for quality barbeque and great taste.

Carhartt Clothing: For the handyman that likes to work outside, Carhartt clothing offers protective and comfortable clothing. You can find anything from headwear to gloves to water repellant jackets. There are even footwear available and flame resistant options for extra safety.

Stihl Chainsaws: Stihl chainsaws are great for regular and occasional use, and the models offer great power and long run times. There are guide bars for better precision, which can help reduce friction loss. The anti-vibration technology can make the tool even easier to use.

Yeti Coolers: Yeti coolers are the perfect gifts for a handyman that loves the outdoors. The polyurethane foam helps keep the ice frozen, and the latches and hinges are long-lasting and durable, which is perfect for the many camping trips he wants to plan next year.

Work Gloves: Every handyman needs some work gloves, and now with all the Smartphone technology, every time he needs to answer a call or send a text he has to remove his gloves. However, with work gloves that work with touchscreens, not only can he stay protected, but he can also still be a modern man. Gloves with reflective strips help keep him safe after dark as well.

The Classic Multi-Tool: Handymen can’t really have enough tools, and a multi-tool is so useful. Find one with scissors, pliers, blades, and more, in order to get the most use out of it.

Lighted Beanie Cap: Who says work has to stop when it gets dark out? A lighted beanie cap keeps him warm and allows his hands to be free to focus on the task at hand, instead of holding a light.

Wrist Band to Keep Hardware Handy: A magnetic wristband helps prevent fumbling for the right screw or another piece of hardware. Even smaller tools can be worn right on the wrist to keep organized and make it easier to complete projects.