Stanozolol is popularly known as Winstrol and is one of the most popular steroids in the world of bodybuilding and athletes. However, the overall results will be greatly dependent on how you actually use it.

The cycle difference will be dependent on the individual’s steroid reaction, diet, regular exercise, and other important factors. If you too want to preserve your lean muscle mass and achieve your fitness goals, this supplement is just for you. Read on and know all about this amazing supplement.

Stanozolol cycle for Cutting

Stanozolol is used by the popular athletes and bodybuilders in their cutting cycle mostly to preserve lean muscle mass. It helps them to step up the use of the fat tissues and thereby bringing depletion of the fats in body.

It should be noted here that the main objective of cutting cycle is to preserve lean muscle mass rather than increasing bulk of muscle mass. This supplement even has great ability to burn out the unwanted or undesired fats.

Stanozolol used as injections or oral tablets have a great ability to increase testosterone levels in your body as well. It helps your body to use more testosterone in order to preserve the leaner muscle mass. This process ultimately leads to excess fat burns.

Stanozolol cycle for men as well as women

Male athletes and bodybuilders normally have capacity to consume higher doses of Stanozolol than the females. Generally, a ciclo de stanozolol comprimido of maximum 8 weeks is suggested to be taken by men. After all, taking this supplement safely and responsibly can help you achieve appropriate results.

A normal dosage of around 50 mg in a day can be enough to get decent results. However, if you are one of the individuals or bodybuilders involved in the competitive activities, you can increase dosage for last 1-2 weeks of cycle.

When it comes to women, most of them prefer oral tablets over injections. Women are recommended to take less dosage amount than males. They are advised to take up to 10 mg of it in a day. Cycle of 4 weeks is normally recommended for the female athletes. Stanozolol or Winstrol injection has half-life of around 24 hours and oral tablets have shorted half-life. Regardless of your daily dosage, you can easily split that into even dosages throughout day.

Before you determine appropriate dosages or the time duration of using this steroid, make sure to set your goals properly. Realistic goals will help you to get the results you desire for.