Situated along the teal blue waters of the Mediterranean lays the beautiful country of Spain. Accustomed to welcoming visitors for decades, Spain has long been a favorite European destination. Vacation rentals in Spain are easy to come by, the food is delightful and the weather is often warm and sunny.

This Iberian nation is the largest country in southern Europe. It is also the only European country to border with the African country of Morocco. Spain has a little mix of everything to offer its visitors. From top notch foods, wine, culture, history, nature, art, night life and relaxation there really is no reason to not go and experience the wonders of Spain.

Here are 5 wonderful things visitors can enjoy about Spain:

The Art

To just walk the streets of Spain can feel like having an art outing in and of itself. This country has a long history of being home to some of the world’s most well-known and beloved artists. Salvador Dali was from Spain and visitors are able to take a tour inside his home. There is something so interesting about being able to get an insider’s look into the lives of how this artist lived. Spain is also the birth place of Pablo Picasso. Plenty of people travel to Malaga which is his birthplace. Here there is a museum with some 300 pieces of his work on display. If you at all get a chance to go, the Guggenheim Bilbao is a dynamic and vibrant museum. This museum encourages the visitor to enjoy the art both on the inside and out. The entire building is designed to engage and inspire wonder to its onlookers. The Frank Gehry designed gallery is also considered to be one of the best in the world.

The Food and Wine

Spain is famous for having top notch and world class food and wine. Here people can enjoy fine wine at a decent price. Spaniards love their wine. They drink it with lunch, with dinner, before bed and as they feel like it. If you are not sure if you are a wine person, Spain is the place to have a little fun experimenting and find out.  According to the locals, in the summer they drink wine to cool down and in the winter they drink wine to warm up. So there really is never a bad time to enjoy wine.

There are two restaurants worth taking note of if you happen to be able to check them out. They are:

Casa Botin: Casa Botin is the world’s oldest continuous running restaurant. Since 1725 this place has been open for business. An interesting trivia fact is the famous painter Goya used to be a waiter there. An order of the pig roast is a must if you do get a chance to go.

El Cellar de Can Roca: This restaurant won the prestigious award of best restaurant in the world in 2013. If you at all are able to get a table here, seize the opportunity.

The Amazing Accommodation

With its strong architectural presence and artistic flare Spain has no shortage of amazing places to stay. Many savvy travelers are veering away from booking traditional hotel rooms. Instead they are opting to rent a private villa all for themselves. There is something so dreamy about telling your friends back at home that you are going on vacation to Spain to stay in your own private villa. You could go for a beach front location or be tucked up into an ancient groove of trees. By going this route you can still enjoy all the creature comforts of home but with more lavish amenities to remind yourself that, yes you are indeed on vacation. If you are traveling with a group of friends or as a family, the cost of splitting the accommodation can break down to be quite a pleasant figure. Either way, don’t overlook at least considering this option.

The Mediterranean Coast

With long stretches of white sandy beaches the Mediterranean coast is frequently described as paradise. With pleasant temperatures most of the year and an average of 300 days of sunshine, Spain is a sun lover’s dream. You can plop down on a beach with tons of other happy sun seekers and have lots of amenities and restaurants around you or you can venture off and fine your own cozy cover. There are hundreds of miles of coast lines around Spain. Of all the beaches, approximately 577 have been award blue flag status. That means that the water quality is guaranteed to be held to a high standard. Not only that, but most of those beaches are accessible to people with disabilities. This puts Spain at the tops of global rankings for having accessible beaches.

The Architecture

If there is one thing Spain has that is having amazing architecture all around the country. Roman ruins show a unique and varied past of the country’s history. The Roman Theater in Merida is still used for performances to this day. If you are in Madrid be sure to check out the Egyptian Temples. In 1968 the Egyptian’s gifted the Temple of Debod to the city. Simply walking around most areas of the city will wow visitors with intriguing architecture.

As you are planning your next amazing vacation and are seeking an easy and enjoyable place to go, be sure to keep Spain high at the top of your list. It has so much to delight its visitors with.